We understand each selected tea bud and coffee grain. We know where they come from, who tend them, on which soil they are cultivated, and how they are processed. We are attentive every steps along the way to ensure that the products reaching you are completely clean and fresh, full of natural flavor, and having absolutely no preservatives with them.

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Daklak province has offered some of the most loved coffees over time. Grown according to Nestle's cultivation procedure that halts all fertilizer and insecticides 45 days before cultivation, the coffee plants grow strong and their beans safe for consumption. Selected then roasted manually, Arabica and Robusta beans are combined for a fine, unforgettable coffee

Daklak Coffee

Oolong tea is planted naturally in the special zone of Cao Vien, Lam Dong province, 1,200m above sea level. The tea leaves are thick and the buds are soft. They are scented with lotus anthers: a layer of tea on a layer of lotus anthers over a period of time. Such process repeats approximately three times for the perfect lotus tea: the buds are wrapped in lotus scent, shining in light green and giving out a balance taste. It tastes gently sweet with a lingering scent. Made into drinks, Oolong tea has a fresh golden shade and tastes tenderly sweet. It gets all those goodness from the land it grows on, the air it breathes, and lotus embrace.

Oolong Lotus tea

Right after being picked from tea trees, Shan Tuyet tea buds experience a traditional drying process, which employs specially dried twigs for a persistently kindling fire. The buds dwindle smaller without leaving any natural smell. They are then scented with organic bamboo essence.

Shan Tuyet Bamboo tea

In Van Chan, Yen Bai province, at 1,400m above sea level there are trees of hundreds years old, living all naturally without human care. They are Shan Tuyet tea trees. Selected leaves and buds of such trees are collected and dried using fresh pottery pans. They have to be dried just right: their shapes have to retain, the white “snow” on their bodies intact, and their scent preserved. Picked and dried all by hands, the tea holds in all natural flavours and minerals. Scented with forest ginger from Ede people, it gives out a delicately warm, sweet taste.

Shan Tuyet Ginger tea